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Our goal is to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of as many domestic animals as we can by providing funding for those animals whose medical needs are so extensive that they would have to be "euthanized" if financial funding was not possible. 


The goal of the Phoebe Foundation is best captured in the beautiful story of the starfish:

A small boy was running up and down the beach, feverishly hurling starfish back into the water before they died. An old man approached him, "Do you honestly think your work will make a difference?" he asked him skeptically.

The boy looked at him with sparkling eyes, held up a starfish and said, "It makes a difference to this one!" and threw the starfish back into the sea.

​​Need help for your pet? Let us know!

​Please fill out the following form and let us know your pet's situation and how you are hoping we can assist you.   In addition please let us know how your pet's treatment will cause a hardship for you.


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Let us know you need help


Submit an email to us letting us know your pet's story and why you feel your pet's treatment will create a financial burden or hardship for you.​ Please email us at if we can help.

The board decides


The board is comprised of avid pet lovers who have experienced the financial burden of caring for a beloved pet.


Our decisions on which cases we help will be based on our experience as pet owners, a veterinary consult as necessary and the available funds we have at the time of the request.

We won't discriminate


The Foundation does not discriminate against any type of domestic pet or any pet owner. Your pet is not required to be a rescued animal and you do not have to be on the brink of bankruptcy to receive our help. You just need to show that providing your pet with the necessary medical care would create a financial burden or hardship for you.

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